Would You Rather: Caribbean Cruise or Rolex Explorer II ?

This may come as a shock, but not everyone shares your love of expensive watches. Some people can’t see the point in collecting them, thinking about them, let alone blowing serious cash on them. With this in mind, this is the first in a new series called Delicious Dilemmas. Each time we put temptation, guilt or moral obligation in the way of your treasured timepiece to gauge your reaction.

For a few days now you’ve been itching to pull the trigger on the Rolex Explorer II that you’ve seen on eBay. You accept that while some are not keen on its contemporary ‘super case’ dial redesign with the fatter lugs and crown guards, for you it ticks several boxes. At 42mm, you love the size and the new design cues such as the orange GMT hand. You can easily picture yourself setting it on your next overseas business trip. At $7,275.00 it fits right in with your budget, and best of all, it’s never been worn and comes with a three-year warranty.

473181_1280x720As you gaze longingly at this tempting piece of Swiss metal and mechanical know-how, you’re just about to click ‘Buy Now’ when your wife/girlfriend suddenly, and without warning, announces her desire for you both to go on a Southern Caribbean Cruise this year.

She has discovered an all-inclusive package, replete with onboard activities, nightly shows by near forgotten guest entertainers, bars, discos, nightclubs, casino, shops, (mustn’t forget the shops), Zumba classes, and, of course, the Captain’s champagne waterfall welcome.maxresdefaultYou’ll be calling at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Antigua, Barbados, and basically a whole slew of sun kissed places in between on a ship the size of a suburb. And here’s the good news, there’s a special discount. Yes, this all-inclusive package in a mini-suite for two amounts to $3,600.00 per person. Your facility with mental calculations immediately tells you will have around $75.00 left over for your Rolex by the time you’ve bought the peace and shelled out for the cruise.

You are now in the midst of a delicious dilemma.

Do you:

  1. Tell your wife/girlfriend sorry but you’re planning to buy (another) Rolex
  2. Lie and say the car needs a major overhaul but secretly buy the Rolex
  3. Ask her if she wants to go halves on the cruise, even though you know she’s not working
  4. Ask her if she wants to go halves on the Rolex and not go on the cruise
  5. Kiss the Rolex goodbye and buy some swim shorts and a pair of Havaianas
  6. Smile when she says any old watch can tell the time and say “Right as always dear”