World’s Most Expensive Watch Sold For An Astronomical Price

With the holiday season in full swing, you might begin to sweat as you watch your bank account slowly but surely drop below a comfortable level. Should you find yourself racing to sell your old University texts for a quick buck, the price tag for this recently-sold Patek Philippe Watch could make you feel a little better (or worse).

While you were out haggling the price for a cute bracelet, an auction sold this stunning Patek Philippe Reference 1518 sold for $11.1 million, making it the most expensive wristwatch ever to be purchased.  Now, if you had ridiculously rich friends, this may be the perfect gift for them this Christmas – but you probably don’t, so count your blessings!


The reason why this particular timepiece was so expensive may be because it is a part of an incredibly rare line dates back to 1943. It includes a tachymeter scale,  Arabic numeral hour markers and a calendar complete with the phases of the moon – swanky AF.


The estimated value of this watch (the first of four of this particular line) was about $3 million, but a 13-minute bidding battle ensued, upping the price to $11.1 million total.


We can’t wait to find out the price of the other three when they are auctioned off!

[Source: RobbReport]