Welcome the Year of the Fire Monkey With These Gorgeous Watches

Raise your glass to the year of the Fire Monkey. This lunar year is supposed to be accompanied by adventure, discovery and unexpected fortune. If you’ve always wanted to start that business or take that trip, this is the year to do it, especially if you’re armed with this good luck charm — a luxurious Jaquet Droz year-of-the-monkey timepiece. Meticulously hand-painted, these four models are designed to portray wisdom and long life.
980x550_Jaquet-Droz_Petite-Heure-Minute-Relief-Monkey-Red-Gold_J005023281 980x550_Jaquet-Droz_Petite-Heure-Minute-35mm-Monkey_J005003216-02 980x550_Jaquet-Droz_Petite-Heure-Minute-Relief-Monkey-White-Gold_J005024280 980x550_Jaquet-Droz_Petite-Heure-Minute-Monkey_J005013208-02

The Petite Heure Minute Monkey is leaping onto a branch to pick a peach, symbolizing the energy and abundance that you’ll have in the new year. It features an 18-carat red gold case and self-winding mechanical movement.

The Petite Heure Minute Relief Monkey is a fantastical masterpiece that features an 18-carat red gold dial and hand-engraved mother-of-pearl.

If you’re wondering why a Swiss watchmaker is dedicating exclusive watch models to the Chinese New Year, it’s because the company has strong historical ties to the 18th century Middle Kingdom. As the first watch brand to import to the Forbidden City, Jaquet Droz has experienced the wealth and fortune that accompanies Chinese celebrations. In fact, some Jaquet Droz timepieces are on display in the Museum of the Forbidden City — in a couple hundred years, your watch might make it there too.