This Ultra Rare Sex Watch Talks Dirty to You

Sex watches are apparently a thing now. Richard Mille, the Swiss watch maker that also brought us Rafael Nadal’s $775,000 RM27-02, has introduced the RM 69 Erotica Tourbillion, a watch that, on top of telling time, displays a series of sexy messages on three rotating titanium bars. Each bar has several phrases on it and messages are randomly generated with the push of a button.

We really like the modern, transparent aesthetics of Richard Mille’s watches and the RM 69 Erotica Tourbillion is no different. It consists of 505 pieces with the tourbillion caliber’s baseplate and bridges crafted in grade 5 titanium. The case is also titanium and contains a tourbillion escapement that’s aligned with the barrel, which allows for thinner packaging.


Both front and back crystals are sapphire and it has a power reserve of 69 hours. Lastly, the Oracle mechanism that sets the titanium message bars into motion also moves the watch hands out from in front of message when the button is pushed and then returns them to their previous positions when it’s released, which is a pretty cool trick.

Richard Mille hasn’t announced pricing, but only 30 RM 69 Erotica Tourbillions are being made.