This Pretty Rolex Has an Unexpected Secret

Introducing the Rolex LK 01: a must have if you love Rolex watches getting lost in the bushes. Designed by musician Lenny Kravitz with Swiss aftermarket specialist Les Artisans de Geneve, this spectacular watch offers all the pizzaz of a Rolex, plus some heavy-duty treatment to keep it in tip-top shape after some hardcore adventure.


This particular model–which will run you about $37,800–was once a steel-and-gold Daytona which has been disassembled and re-designed with Lenny’s individual style.

The Rolex LK 01 features a 22-karat gold rotor, a sapphire back, and a sporty strap with backing pad. The changes add a sense of ruggedness to the usually sleek, sophisticated brand.

The best part? In true Kravitz style, the timepiece’s box doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.  “Being a person who likes to be around music all the time, I thought we could make a boom box out of it,” says Kravitz. “Instead of leaving it in your closet, you can put it wherever you keep your things and actually use it.”

You rock, Kravitz. Keep doing what you do.

[Source: RobbReport]