hi all -

i run a travel blog http://www.igobyplane.com/ that not even my mom reads but hey, i'm trying and it's fun!

one of the angles i am going for is to be a cool place to see different car experiences around the world. when you go to my site and click on cars, instead of reading about civics at hertz or avis, you will see different race tracks, kart tracks, and other experiences around the world you can do. examples of some things i've done: an international kart track in brazil; the nurburgring in germany with a gutted swift; dirtfish rally school with a brz; yas marina f1 track with a formula 3000.

at the moment i'm looking at a new job, one where i take a decent pay cut but get to be able to work 99% of the time remotely. if this happens i'm looking for more tracks and places to visit, and on here in particular looking for people that could show me around their local scene.

i'd like to do articles/videos on local tracks, info about how to access them, your car, your experience there - any way i as a tourist might be able to get on them as well. cool kart tracks and regular road tracks specifically. i'd put more effort into cooler article/video features but some examples -

autobahn race track - joliet, il, usa - Visiting the Autobahn in America |
gingerman raceway - south haven, mi, usa - Back to South Haven and Gingerman for Wangfest and Gridlife 2014 |
granja viana international kart track - sao paulo, brazil - Kartódromo International Granja Viana Kart Track – Sao Paulo, Brazil |
killarney international raceway - cape town, south africa - Killarney International Raceway – Cape Town |

killarney was great, i just happened to get lucky meeting up with a fellow 86 owner from this site whom i met on facebook. i'm basically looking to do that, but with more of a plan around meeting someone and their track, and doing a feature on them and their car. eventually i want my site to be the place where car enthusiasts can go and check out cool car related travel things they can do - whether they are already visiting some area, or are making it a point to travel to a destination for a driving experience there.

TL; DR - looking for people that can show me their local tracks around the world, to do feature stories on your car and your track.

what i can bring; currently what's in my bag -
gopro 3 black
gopro 4 black
808 keychain camera (can velcro somewhere and get feet)
garmin virb elite (vid + gps data capture - 1 hz)
aim solo dl (gps and optionally obd2 data capture - 10 hz)

2 camera 1 hz kart vid - yas marina kartzone - abu dhabi, uae

1 camera 10 hz track vid with more data channels - autobahn south - joliet, il, usa

3 cameras (too many really) with 10 hz data - gingerman - south haven, mi, usa

i also have a buddy working on some cool new mounts!

if you want a copy of any of the raw footage i record, bring a laptop and we can copy it all over.

if you are by a cool track that i should visit and can show me around, please let me know! i'd love to plan a visit some time. in the US i may or may not try to bring my own BRZ. anywhere else i'll be looking for something i can rent, or appreciate a ride in your car, or really appreciate a drive if you were open to it. let me know in here or PM if you'd be up for meeting up some time and working on something together. and if you're ever in chicagoland (and it's not winter!) i may be able to show you around to any of our local tracks (1 in about 2 hours in any cardinal direction).