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Same owners as The Buckeye (where I eat 2-3 nights a week) and others such as Fog City Diner, Pico, Bungalow 44 etc...

Pizza, Pasta, Bruschetta, salads, Anti-Past, and a few limited meat entree's.

Thin Crust Brick Oven Pizza was GREAT. Not quite as good as back home, but amongst the best I've had in SF!

5 of us ate there last night, we had 3 salads, 4 pizzas, 4 bruschettas, 2 orders of pasta, 5 martinis, a beer and 3 sodas and the bill was $300 tax,tip everything, with leaving a $60 tip because our server was super nice and put up with a couple of my drunk buddies.

I would recommend it if your in the mood for pizza or pasta in SF!

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What happened to our SF dinner meet? Phil you initiated the idea. Set a dat and lets do it player. I am sure ESEFED, IPO, and a few other boyz are game.
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