Zanzibar's Restaurant in the Middle of the Indian Ocean is Stunningly Amazing

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If you’re looking to get away for your summer vacation – as in get far, far away – and enjoy some quiet alone time, there isn’t a more beautiful or secluded spot than the middle of the ocean.

No, really: Zanzibar has an extremely unique eatery, appropriately named The Rock Restaurant , which can be found by strong swimmers (or your average boater) right in the Indian Ocean.
Dining on this ‘coral outcrop’ is an unusual experience in itself, and then you factor in the menu, and there’s no place on earth like it. Choose from octopus salads (eyes included), creole creations, and cigales – aka, little insects, or true bugs. They do offer your standard lobster, prawns, king fish or calamari, but where’s the fun in that?
The little getaway has 12 tables for 45 diners, with sea landscapes aplenty. The Rock opened in 2012, and has been gaining notoriety since its inception.
Make sure you’re heading out for a meal when it’s low-tide!

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