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the Z4 had some panels respray or/and some aggressive buffing before.
the paint was neglected for a while.
when i saw the car i plan for 2 step correction one compound one polish, so i kind of have m105 in my mind. knowing that the car has some "history" i took some readings around the car and i was surprise to find the hood into max 70 and min 48 with a constant 55 , and all panels around the car between 88-110. at that point compound was excluded and i was aim at max 50% correction from initial condition , and my paint gauge save me again....
- 303 protectant on all plastic/vinyl
- meg d180 on leather agitated with brush
- vacuum
- wheels was clean with p21s gel and brushes
- klasse aio on wheels , m40 on tires
- 303 water repelant on soft top
- onr wash with 2 buckets
- claybar paint and windows with onr as lube
- m205 with hex polish pad on DA speed 6
- IPA wipe down
- optiseal one coat
- duragloss 105 one coat
wheel before

leather before:

leather after:

Hood before:

Hood after:

reading on the hood:

reading on side panel:

Pictures after:

Ferrari F430 spider had some light water spots , and in need of refresh.
- 303 protectant on all leather ( console , back panels , dashboard, seats, doors)
- vacuum
- optiseal on all carbon fiber
- onr wash with 2 buckets
- vinegar on the panels with water spots
- wheels was wash with onr , dress with optimum car wax , m40 on tires
- optimum car wax on paint and clear bra
- 303 water guard on soft top
all pic are after:

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