Created to push the boundaries of architecture, design, and in some cases traditionally desirable vacation destinations, these futuristic luxury hotels offer their guests a great deal more than just a hotel suite.  Check out our Top 5 future favourites below.

Shimao Wonderland InterContinental , Shanghai, China – This five star hotel is being built into the side of an abandoned quarry. Boasting 19 floors and 380 rooms, the lower levels of the building will be submerged under water, a popular trend in futuristic hotel design.

With an expected completion date of early 2017, the hotel will offer its guests luxurious accommodations coupled with several adventure activities, including rock climbing, bungee jumping, and water sports.

The Hotel Crescent, Baku, Azerbaijan – Located on an artificial island in the oil-rich capital city of Azerbaijan, The Hotel Crescent is set to be the centrepiece of the Crescent Bay skyscraper complex. Boasting 33 stories, the hotel is set to open in late 2016, and is reported to be receiving a 7 star rating.

Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji  – U.S. Submarine Structures is currently in the process of engineering the world’s first underwater resort. Located off the coast of Fiji, the resort will include 24 suites, a library, spa, bar, restaurant and event space – all of which will have views of a lagoon filled with coral and fish.

Lofoten Opera Hotel, Norway  – Shaped like a sleek coiled snake, the Lofoten Opera Hotel is schedule to open soon. Featuring amazing views of the Lofoten Islands, a region of Norway that is apart of the Arctic Circle, the hotel will offer a mix of apartment units, hotel rooms, an amphitheater, spa, hiking and sea water basins within a total size of 11 000 square-meters.

Salt & Water Floating Hotel , Location TBA – Serbian design studio Salt & Water is currently developing a plan to create a floating hotel made up of catamaran apartments. The hotel would consist of a central construction that houses reception, a restaurant and event hall, while guest rooms would be individual catamarans that can be navigated away from the property and docked wherever the guests wish.