You haven’t seen a Bugatti like this before. Modern day Bugattis are true supercars; amongst the best automobiles in speed, power, and performance, with edgy, aerodynamic designs.

This Bugatti Type 57 Stelvio, available through RM Sotheby’s March 12 Amelia Island Auction, trades it all in for class. Similar to a Rolls Royce, it’s the type of car you’d like to be driven around in, but can’t resist getting behind the wheel.

Built in April 1936, the four-passenger Stelvio maintains its attractive Jean Bugatti–designed cabriolet, with distinctive pontoon fenders and Atalante-like rounded tail. The appearance was refined through ’36-‘37, and seems to have been designed to just show off.

The Bugatti has changed hands repeatedly over its existence, including renowned Florida sportsman Alec Ulmann, and Jacques Dufilho, a former well-known actor living in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Ulmann was the last owner of the car, which was kept under ownership and care by The American Bugatti Registers after his passing.

The finish could use a light touch-up, though it retains its original engine, number 286, and transmission. The dashboard carries what appear to be the original gauges, and the odometer records 1,047 kilometers, the distance traveled since the car’s restoration. If you’re a Bugatti fan, but prefer a classier approach to your cars, the Type 57 stands out amongst its peers.