This might be the most original idea for a hotel ever!

Salt & Water design studio has created a new way to promote tourism on inland waters.

Their ‘floating hotels’ concept is the perfect solution for tourism without any violation of the natural harmony of the place itself. Winners of the Millennium Yacht Design Award, a floating hotel consists of two parts - central floating construction and apartment catamaran units.

The central floating construction is comprised of reception, restaurant, event hall, offices for staff and a café. The central unit has pathways that connect to the catamaran units, which can be undocked and navigated by guests. Guests can find a secluded location on the water, and enjoy the salon, the galley, or a sleeping area that comes in each catamaran. The beach platform allows for easy access to activities like swimming, fishing, diving, or sun bathing.

The main idea is to allow people to enjoy their visit through navigating the waters at their own pace, with an uninterrupted view of the nature around. It’s one of the main reasons the catamarans are designed with large windows on the front. The ‘frames of nature’, as Salt & Water describes it, connect each guest to the water and sky, while isolated from ‘regular’ life.