This masterful Texas villa is aptly named the Commander’s Point Estate, and it’s no wonder- it definitely demands the attention of potential buyers! From the magnificent home to the acres of land that surrounds it, this $19.9 million home is definitely one for the books.
After traveling through the winding entrance, erasing all memories of the city (which isn’t very far believe it or not), you will find yourself surrounded with lush greenery. At the end of the trail is a roundabout which takes you to your three-door garage and the beautiful 10,564 square foot home.
The three-storey mansion contains seven beds, six full baths and five partial baths (thats a total of eleven bathrooms!) Each room is eloquently styled and reminds guests of the four-legged beauties just outside (if you don’t know what we’re talking about yet, keep reading and you’ll soon find out!)
The heart of the home is no doubt the beautifully designed kitchen, complete with a range worthy of a 5-star chef, a granite island as well as a breakfast corner.
The main entertainment are features high ceilings, a two-storey wrap-around gallery and plenty of working space to catch up on all your e-mails.
But the real gem is what this beautiful property holds outside for its proud new owner. Aside from having enough acres to have its own trails (perfect for avid joggers…or for your dog walkers) it also has a fully-functional equestrian barn (approximately 2000 square feet), a full riding arena andpaddocks! If you’re wondering why there was a horse painting in one of the living rooms- well, this is why!
There is also a tennis court, a sports court andmanager’s apartment.
Did we mention the pool and the outdoor garden chess board?
If you weren’t impressed with all of that, the Commander’s Point Estate also overlooks the main basin of Lake Travis and yep, you guessed it, there’s a dock and a few boats there for you to enjoy as well!
While the $19.9 price tag may be expensive, you sure couldn’t ask for anything more!

[ Source: Sotheby’s ]