When you have a chauffeur drive you everywhere you go and your outfit costs more than the average person’s yearly income leaving with anything less than the best when you get your nails done s simply unacceptable. It is exactly that reason why a Californian salon called Images Luxury Nail Lounge is offering their high-end clientele manicures that fit their lifestyle.

The salon’s luxurious nail treatments include the Haute Couture Manicure, which uses up to 20 diamonds in the nail art design and also includes a mineral bath, massage, polish and even a facial. The price? Anywhere between $500-$2,500 depending on how many diamonds and their weight.

The Gold Rush Manicure costs between $2,500-$10,000 and provides everything from the aforementioned treatment, but in a private room. The nail technician uses Models Own Gold Rush polish (which costs upwards of $100k) and uses 24 carat gold flakes to adorn your nails. And of course, with posh nails comes with posh service. Whilst doing your nails, you’ll be served imported French pastries and champagne in your suite. Talk about fancy!
If you thought that was nail overkill, wait till you hear about their Glitz & Glamicure service. This includes all the amenities the Gold Rush Manicure provides, plus shutting down the entire salon for your treatment. Bonus: you’ll also get to choose your own diamonds with a jeweller for your nail art. This will set you back anywhere from $10,000 to an incredible $25,000, making this treatment one of the most expensive manicures in the world.

[ Source: LuxuryLaunches ]