With achievements such as boosting Gucci’s worth to $4 billion back in the 90’s to dressing superstars such as Johnny Depp, Beyonce and much more, no one can deny that Tom Ford is an extremely successful guy. It would only make sense, then, to have a jaw-dropping estate where he can get some rest and relaxation away from the limelight.

Fortunately for potential buyers, the place he once called home is now up for sale by the Kevin Boblsky Group.


Truth be told, there isn’t much information about the New Mexico home other than the fact that it was designed by famed Japanese architect Tadao Ando, but the pictures have got us begging for more!


The property is an enormous 20,662 acres and is reportedly priced at approximately $75 million!


Contemporary and undoubtedly sleek in design, the home offers some pretty spectacular views as well.


What the magnificent structure’s interior looks like, however, is completely subject to our imagination. But if Tom Ford’s style is any indication, it is absolutely stunning and definitely worth the money.

[Source: Arrows ]