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WTB: 2009 or 2010 X5 35 (d or i)

I am posting for my co-worker who wants to buy a slightly used 2009 or (preferably) 2010 BMW X5. She really wants the 35d but will settle for 35i (no need for the v8). She doesn't need all the bells and whistles so it doesn't have to be the top of the line, just something with a few extras would be nice. A car within driving distance (bay area) would be good but I'm sure something could be worked out it a kiler deal comes along. She went to the local dealership they had slim pickings so I'm hoping all of our great sponsers can help her out.


P.S. I also posted this in the marketplace but I know we get more traffic on the regional forums so I posted on here as well.
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