WTB: 04-06 Gallardo (Serious buyer)

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Looking for a 04-06 Gallardo with the following specs:

Exterior: Orange, VI, Black, Yellow
Interior: Black
Transmission: 6sp or Egear
Mileage: <20K
Options: No preference but Navi/Clear bonnet are nice to have
Mods are OK.

Funds available and I am looking for the right car/right deal. Please PM me if you or someone you know is looking to sell and isn't listed on as I search those pretty regularly.

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Check out and

DC & Symbolic have some cars that fit your description as well.

Thanks Nick. The other search functions are pretty neat.

Best case scenario will be to find another enthusiast's car off the forums, so hopefully someone knows of somebody who will be looking to sell privately.


I think the car looks nice but also realize it's going to be asking a premium for the extremely low miles. For me, I'd rather pick up a slightly newer one, with say 10-15k miles and get the extra power, etc. Def a nice looking car though.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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