Prepare to get wet, the 2003 Ford GT CP-1 highlights  Barrett-Jackson’s auction at the Mohegan Sun casino resort in Uncasville, Connecticut , June 23 through 25. Wearing VIN No.004, CP-1 (confirmation prototype 1) was the first fully functional Ford GT built and used for research and development prior to it’s 2005 debut.
CP-1 features components that never made it to production, some out of necessity–like the steering column from a Ford Windstar or airbags from the Mustang. Others like the all-aluminium headliner and it’s carbon-fiber rear clamshell were dropped for costs. The carbon clamshell for example would have cost Ford $45,000 per unit to produce.
There are other subtle differences between CP-1 and your standard road going 2005 Ford GT. CP-1 has a black supercharger topping its 5.4L V8 vs the silver blower that bestowed it come production. Same goes for its all black valve covers, which were replaced with traditional Ford Blue ones on the assembly line– and that’s before we even talk about the quick release valves connected to the fuel tank and extended exhausts featuring a sniffer pipe for sussing out emissions data.
The car bears signatures from 13 members of the original Ford GT engineering team, including Carroll Shelby and Bill Ford.

Unfortunately those interested in CP-1 will have to make due with pride of ownership as it’s not street legal–Ford engineers inserted a chip in 2008 that restricts movement to 5 mph.