Last week we saw the all-new Acura NSX take a close victory over the newly refreshed Nissan GT-R, but you, our readers, told us on our Facebook page that you would overwhelmingly pick the Nissan. That’s ok. We can still be friends.

This week we’re looking at a pair of entry-level exotics in the Mclaren 570GT and Audi R8 — two mid-engine supercars that can both be had generously optioned for well under $200,000 dollars. It’s not quite as quick as the R8 V10 Plus, but the standard R8 still boasts all-wheel-drive and snarling, normally aspirated V10. The recently introduced 570GT, meanwhile, is Mclaren’s more usable take on its Sports Series lineup.

Let’s see how they fare.

LOOKS: The 570GT is the latest iteration in a design language that started with the P1 hypercar, and with its sleek glass hatch and body-color accents, is even more well-resolved than the 570S.

LOOKS: The second-generation R8 replaced wind-swept surfaces with a chiseled look that isn’t to everyone’s liking, but we absolutely love it.

LOOKS: We might raise some hackles for this, but we’re going with the R8.

McLaren 570GT: 0

Audi R8: 1

PERFORMANCE: The 570GT uses a variation of the twin-turbo, 3.8-liter V8 that has powered every McLaren since 2011. It produces 570 hp, which propels it to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. At just under 3,300 pounds, it’s also relatively light, which should make for excellent all-around performance.

PERFORMANCE: We love that Audi kept things old school by sticking with a big V10. The 5.2-liter engine produces 540 hp, which is transferred to the ground through all four wheels. The sprint to 60 comes in 3.5 seconds, and it weighs just under 3,650 pounds.

PERFORMANCE: More power and less weight win every time, even in the face of all-wheel-drive.

McLaren 570GT: 1

Audi R8: 1

USABILITY: As the every-day variant in the Sports Series lineup, the 570GT gets more luggage space under the glass hatch, a panoramic roof and road optimized suspension. Perfect for commuting or long trips.

USABILITY: The R8 offers the same daily drivability that you would find anywhere else in the Audi lineup in a supercar package. With all-wheel-drive and enough cargo capacity for a multi-day road trip, it’s a true long-distance, all-conditions supercar.

USABILITY: This one largely comes down what you’re looking for in an everyday supercar. Draw.

McLaren 570GT: 2

Audi R8: 2

INTERIOR: With plenty of leather and comfy sport seats, the 570GT probably has the finest interior of any McLaren ever. The panoramic moonroof also provides an airy feel that’s perfect for long, scenic drives.

INTERIOR: Audi has been on a roll when it comes to interiors and the R8 is no different. Its interior is on par with Audi’s more luxurious offerings, but adds a decidedly more sporting feel.

INTERIOR: The R8’s interior is a great place to be, but the 570GT’s panoramic roof and easy luggage access puts it over the top.

McLaren 570GT: 3

Audi R8: 2