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ATTENTION! This is my public service announcement for all you guys that are local, DO NOT GO TO SEATTLE WHEEL SERVICE!! These guys are JOKES! I took my 5 17” wheel barrels to them to get the “lips” polished out. I told them Proflections took too long and couldn’t get to my wheels and I wanted the “lips” polished out. I told them over the phone they were gonna do it for $60 a “lip” and wanted to see if they can match that to help me out. Seattle Wheel said $75/80 a wheel and if they were anodized that would be more. Fine, I drove up there from Kent to Ballard area and dropped off the wheels. Yes they were indeed anodized, so Seattle Wheel wanted $100 per “lip”. I said fine lets just get it done. I further explained to them IN PERSON what areas I wanted polished. Visually pointing to the area and explaining I wanted a little bit of the tire side of the lip polished since I will be running a light stretch and that are would be seen. He said ok, $100 a wheel, fine with me.

Guy calls me a day or 2 later talking about do I want the inner barrel polished also?... I’m like NO because the inner barrels have been powder coated. I wondered why he would ask me something like that…:confused:

Go back up there a couple days later to drop off the centers so they can also reassemble the wheel once the “lips” were all polished up for $50 per wheel. Yes, so I was going to pay these guys $750 to polish & reassemble my wheels (no more headaches for me). Guy shows me a lip that he says is “finished”, I look at it and it looked like it was hit with a 400grit max. Guy tells me that’s a 2000grit polish… On top of that he only did his 2000grit job on the outer edge of the “lip”, he told me that over the phone when he asked me if I wanted the inner barrel done and I said NO he was referring to the flat part of the lip and wanted me to pay his $75per hr shop rate to polish the “lip”. I was like WTF!:mad: I explain to the guy I physically showed him what I want polished, he says $100 per wheel, I agree, and then they flip the script and want to charge me more for something I was supposed to get in the first place! WORST service EVER!! Then he tries to school me on what is the “lip” of the rim. I’m like WTF!! Now fellas when u talk about a rim lip, u say I got 3” lips/ 6” lips, 4” step lip, etc.... Anyone who says that means the area from the center or face of the wheel out to where the tire beads up to it. For some reason this idiot was trying to tell me that the “inner barrel” and the “lip” of the rim is the same area but split into 2 separate parts… WTF!

I paid him the $200 for the 2 wheels that he supposibly “polished” up to his 2000grit level. He said to me, “When you don’t find anyone else that’s gonna polish these I’ll see you when you drop them back off to me.” I told him to F**K OFF! :fuckyou: I then went back to Proflections in Kent and they got my wheels done in 6hrs for the $300 and they look stunning! The metal polishers told me they took an orbital to them and in some spots it looked like they just used a SCOTCHBRIGHT PAD!... They laughed when I told them that was his “finished product”…

I’m sorry guys I don’t have pics of Seattle Wheel Service work, as I was so pissed I just drove then straight to Kent to drop them off at Proflections. I HOPE you all NEVER do business with these guys, worst idiot I’ve ever dealt with over some car part stuff…

BUT here are the nice finished product from PROFLECTIONS IN KENT! ;)

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