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Armytrix Ferrari 458 Titanium exhaust is currently the world lightest exhaust with 3 mode valve system, it delivers an intoxicating deep sporty F1 sound from the high-flow catalytic converters and the sophisticate design of the mufflers.

Our valvetronic system offers 3 modes, On, Off and Auto, which is currently leading the market as well, in open mode, the valves are fully open for maximum flow and power, creating an astonishing sound emission. When the valves are closed, volume is reduced for a low profile and comfortable drive. in auto mode, the valves are auto adjusted by detecting the engine RPM and fuel pedal signal.

The 458 was reviewed on 15th season of Top Gear, where it received acclaim for its styling and performance, with a 570 hp 4.5-liter engine fitted with our world lightest titanium F1 ver. performance exhaust system for even more power, reduced weight, and an enhanced sporty sound. Overall it gives more power, reduced weight, and an enhanced sporty sound.

Stock Exhaust weight: 18.5 k.g.
Armytrix Exhaust weight: 9.2 k.g.

Armytrix titanium exhausts are welded in perfectly silver-like; shielding gas has sufficiently protected the weld from contaminants, handcrafted and welded by TÜV certificated master

If you have any questions please contact us [email protected] or PM us for more details
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