World’s cheapest car to get some expensive treatment

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Goldplus, the jewelry division of Titan Industries, has lately unveiled its plans to embellish the Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, with gold designs. Renowned for its ingenious craftsmanship in jewelry making, Goldplus is celebrating 5000 years of Indian jewelry. The Goldplus Nano will be India’s first ever jewelry car and will be designed at the Hosur manufacturing facility of Titan Industries. Titan Industries COO (jewelry division) Mr. C. K. Venkataraman said…

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We have one one order....... NOT :lol::clap:
I think You need armored. I posted earlier here :laugh:

The $45,000 Anti-terrorist Armored Electric Car Doubles As A Golf Cart - Born Rich

And we will tune it in Cannes :laugh::laugh::laugh:
LOVE it !!! We will take 6 and wrap them in snakeskin :lol::clap:
They made a crap car even crappier :lol:
Oh lord...
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