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sooo.. yeah, I have been there a week ago. Seen the M6 driving by with one LOVELY exhaust sound.. didn't catch a video :/

Can't see the pic of the Murcielago (doesn't show here), but I have seen one parking at the Monte Carlo Beach Club together with an R8, 458, Cali, RS6 and some others..
Had the GTO German license plates "Sta" (Starnberg)? If so, it's an L4P members friend - missed it. see my thread "been on holiday" in the Photography section, you will find some cars you have seen I guess ;)

be sure to check the Ferrari dealership over there, chrome Gumball 458, Enzo, ..
and if you see the kind KTM XBow owner tell him to check my videos on YouTube ;)
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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