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Driving season is officially over and with the last few paint correction details finished I have begun booking my winter prep details.

This detail is carried out with the same quality and care as any Street Dreams Detail minus any paint correction work.

The objective of a winter prep detail?

Get your car perfectly clean, decontaminated and layered up with multiple coats of polymer sealant protection to last you through the winter! Or get your car cleaned up from driving season and store it away until spring so you can drive out right away looking good ;)

Do not let your luxury car drive on salty roads without adequate protection on the paint! After a full winter prep detail I guarantee your car will be easier to clean and maintain through the winter.

The winter prep details begin at $250 ( exclusively for L4P members only)

...of course paint correction can be added to any winter prep detail for additional costs.

Contact me: [email protected]


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