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Building a car like this is not for people with little to no patience. Getting everything together just right when doing a widebody kit can be one of the hardest things; this Trufiber widebody kit was executed perfectly.

The ram air hood fits in seamlessly with the newly widened hips and the rear spoiler, splitters and rear diffuser really help bring this pony together. ​For most people the wheels can make or break any build so the guys over in Scandinavia called up Rennen Forged to ensure only the best quality was put into this vehicle. The wheels on this mustang are Rennen Forged R55 Wheels. Gloss black dials and chrome bezels help finish off the whole car. The fronts are 22x11 and the rears are 22x14.

In the cars debut at Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2017 (Scandinavia’s largest aftermarket show) he took home an award for People’s Choice.

Rennen Forged utilizes the best quality for their items, using materials that are utilized as a part of aviation assembly innovation; T6-6061 Aluminum; this allows the wheels to be to go through a great degree of toughness while as yet being lightweight.

​These completely custom wheels produced in California have made this Mustang break a lot of necks driving through the streets. Call us today so we can find the right wheels for your vehicle today.
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