There are Lamborghini Diablos, and there are Lamborghini Diablo SVs.

This one’s the latter. The SV – which stands for ‘Super Veloce’, or really fast – was the last model that offered a V12, a manual, and rear-wheel drive.

Despite being 17 years old, this Diablo SV being sold in Montreal, Canada, only has a single mile clocked on the odometer. The titanium exterior paint along with the black interior gives the Diablo a truly menacing, devilish look, the way it should be.

The price tag on this vintage Lambo is $500k—or the price of an Aventador SV. The Aventador is objectively better in almost every sense mechanically – including a 223-horsepower advantage – but doesn’t have that inimitable vintage look. It comes down to performance vs. vanity – the choice is yours.