When Chris Brown comes to mind, it’s hard not to associate him with the 2009 incident where he mistook his ex-girlfriend Rihanna for a punching bag.

That’s probably why his uniquely modded 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo isn’t generating a feeding frenzy of buyers curious to know just what Brown can do for them.

Celebrity-owned cars usually command a premium for their provenance, but Brown’s past could be too much for even the biggest Lambo enthusiasts to overcome. Take nothing away from the car though, because it’s a beaut.

Brown dubbed his Lambo Tupac Lyrics after the works of Tupac Shakur, splashing the lyrics to Tupac’s Lord Knows all over the Gallardo’s boot lid, roof, and engine cover. Other non-stock elements include a bespoke suede interior (with a steering wheel that looks like they forgot to take the painter’s tape off), Batmobile body mods, 20-inch Asanti wheels, and a Fabspeed exhaust system. All the work was done by West Coast Customs, who might sound familiar if you watched Xzibit's Pimp My Ride on MTV.

While the exterior was all Chris-Browned, the mechanical elements remain Lambo stock. That means the expected 5-litre DOHC V10 with 493-bhp is there, as well as the six speed E-gear auto/manual flappy paddle gearbox.

The price for Tupac Lyrics is $89,999 which is what you’d expect from a decade-plus old machine. With all the custom mods however, it should bump up the price – though buyers probably have a good memory, and just aren’t down with Brown. Or, they’re die-hard East Coast hip hoppers.