Which one?

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Hi guys!

I'm new here, but I've been lurking around for a while. I guess I finally pulled the trigger and created an account. So, hello all. :xyxwave:

Anyways, I want to pick up another watch and I've been wanting a Lum Tec or a Sonbol...both are unique. I know they're both sponsors here and I'm just curious what everyone suggests. Thanks in advance!

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Most likely people will give their personal preference. The correct answer is that these two watches are worlds apart in design/style and the only personal preference that counts is yours. I suggest you somehow get your hands on them to try them out. Or atleast a similarly styled watch. As for Sonbol you can try on a similar sized U-Boat to get a fair impression. Welcome!
I just picked up a Lum-tec M18 two weeks ago or so, im loving it so far.
welcome to L4P! either watches will be a great purchase!
welcome, both great choices.
welcome! Which Lum Tec were you looking at? I have my eye on a M41, but ill have to save up a little bit before getting one. It's lower on my priority list.
Sonbol is having a $100 off all their watces until October 1st, so thats pretty neat.
I'd go for lum tec. They use higher quality materials (sapphire crystals with AR, MDV lum on the dials and topring for the M500). Designed and tested in the US. Probably a better resale value.

SonBol looks more like a fashion watch.Their is no description on the quality of their watches (but a nice bio of Jonny Sonbol). I think the Sonbol oversized case is tired, and the dials don't look as detailed as lum tec. Sonbol looks like any other brand that was following the oversized case trend. imho.
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