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When my parent's bought their GX, it was apparent that we needed to do something about the wheels! So, I contacted Tony at DV8motoring(.com) and he helped me spec out a set of 20" Forgeline VR3P wheels. We decided on a brushed finish with a polished clear lip. It also has machined accents, which are hard to see in the pics. However, up close the wheels look like a work of art!

For tires, I went with a 275/55/20 Nitto 421Q. There is some very minor rubbing up front, but it is fixable! With this setup, the ride quality has not changed at all; it may even ride a little bit better than stock!

photo 3 (2).JPG photo 3 (2).JPG

As you can see from the pictures, the difference is night and day and while these wheels aren't cheap, they are worth every penny in my mind!

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