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Wheels Boutique – Range Rover Supercharged x HRE P103

Over a handful of generations, the Range Rover by Land Rover has gracefully evolved from a practical off-roader to an absolute street bruiser. Its humble beginnings and “go anywhere” attitude further developed the brand’s already large cult following. When people clamored for more luxury the following generational updates provided that. And when people begged for more speed, Land Rover added forced induction to the equation in the form of a Supercharger allowing this two ton sport ute to reach 60 mph in under 5 seconds. Complementing this big boy Rover are 22” HRE P103’s finished in a brilliant Brushed Dark Clear. I wonder what Land Rover has in store for us with the next chapter in the Range Rover model line.

Wheel Specs:
HRE P103
Finish: Brushed Dark Clear

Tires: Pirelli Scorpion Zero

Please PM us for details, availability, and pricing.
Tell us what you think by commenting below!

For more photos visit:

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Hello. I'm moving from a somewhat snowy area (SE Michigan) to a more snowy area (Rochester, NY). I have a 2018 Limited worth stock wheels and tires. I notice that, although the Trek performs great I the snow, when it's deep I get buildup in my wheels which causes an imbalance and shudder at speeds over 50 mph.
I know a lot of people have winter tires. Do y'all all also have winter wheels? If yes, do you have recommendations? If not, does anyone have wheels they've switched to that don't have this same issue?
Thanks in advance!
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