What Would You Pay? 2007 Porsche 911 997 Carrera 2

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I'm looking to buy a car for my personal use, and have come across a 2007 Black/Black Porsche 911 997 Carrera. The vehicle comes has a Automatic Transmission, and has 25K miles. Warranty is good for a few months until March of 2011.

Point of Concern:

1. Just a Regular - Not an S
2. Automatic - Not Manual

Point of Like:

1. Low Miles
2. Safe Color Combo
3. Automatic - Not Clutch Abuse hopefully
4. Remaining Warranty.

Currently it's for sale for $52,000. What should I offer realistically for a car and if I buy this with the miles, year, and automatic transmission, will I have a lot of problem selling it in Summer time?
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