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Lamborghini Vs Ferrari. The most epic "battle" when you talk about cars. I can't count how often I had discussions about that. The people become aggressive when I say "Lamborghini is better imo" or when others say that Ferrari is better. Latest example is on Facebook. But in the end both, Lamborghini and also Ferrari are masterpieces of engineering. Ferrari - Dominating the Formula Races since years. Road cars, spread all over the world. Lamborghini - with their unique shapes and incredible design. They even have an own race series -SuperTrofeo. You shouldn't hate Ferrari fans for not liking Lamborghinis and the other way round. It's so unnecessary to discuss something like that. Both are Italian cars with so much power in such an awesome and fascinating way that you have to love them both. And please try to find a bigger Lamborghini fan than me. /story

Thank you :bow1: totaly agree
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