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Nothing, I meant "saying" not "spelling".

Kinda embarrassing 4 me now, but I hope you know what I meant.
please stop the drunk posting.

I am pretty sure I have logged enough miles in both a lambo and a ferrari to know what the fvck i am "spelling"

its all tongue in cheek...I dreamed of lambos ever since i was a kid so I bought one...then sold it...I make fun of f cars because my father is in love with em and have to bring him down to earth about his love of F cars sometimes lol. I drive his F cars a lot...might even me more so than he does...but I still gota bust his chops about ferrari.
I do the same thing to my older brother who is obessed with his porsches...its all in good fun.
they in turn compare my john deere tractors and hay bailers to lambos..
1 - 6 of 43 Posts
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