Mansory’s first generation Siracusa was based on the popular Ferrari 458 sports car. Since then, the 458 has been succeeded by the 488, with a completely new body design as the centrepiece of the reimagined Ferrari.

As to be expected from Mansory, they stepped up alongside Ferrari with completely new bodywork on the second generation Siracusa, premiering at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. And the result is stunning.

Carbon fiber is the dominant theme once more, a staple in Mansory work. The newly designed carbon fiber body adds housings for the rear-view mirrors and the front wings, highlighting Mansory’s style. It packs a twin-turbocharged eight cylinder with an airflow system that ensures the heated air does not accumulate. Intake channels behind the doors help the respiration of the engine compartment behind the driver’s cabin.

The 3.9 litre engine in the 4XX runs with an optimized motor management and specially designed exhaust system. The eight cylinder accelerates in a breathtaking 2.9 seconds from 0-100 (62mph) and has a top speed of 341km/h. The chassis components of the car were specially designed to increase power.
Moving to the interior, the super sports car oozes luxury. All components of the interior cladding are leather coated, offset with coloured seams. 4XX logos are splashed on the seats, the foot-mats, and doorsills to round off the supercar.