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I just wanted to start this thread to see what it is about Super/Hyper Cars that make them so desirable, before I go on, I know there are probably many threads like this however most get off track or have barely any replies. Hence I am using this thread so that everyone can share their individual ideas on what components and features their ideal super/hyper car would consist of and also after speaking extensively with different transportation design companies and even being lucky enough to speak to Christian Von Koenigsegg I have come to wonder what it is that makes these cars so perfect and even what you would add to make them better.

To start, I personally enjoy the scream of a overly loud exhaust, or the alien like whirl of hefty twin turbos mounted on an 8 cylinder like the Agera R or Venom GT, also the thrill/rush caused by breakneck acceleration and handling. And last but not least the aesthetics and design whether it be the exterior or interior it has to have that WOW factor, literally taking your breathe away every time you see the car.

Now it's your turn, use your mind to build your dream car and then tell me and everyone on L4P all about it!

Thanks :)
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