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I had these set of wheels on my E60 M5 for just a few hundred miles. Ended up selling the car and getting a brand new 14 All Road. I had Chris over at WCI make me a new set of centers for the Allroad and use the existing lips/barrels. So now I got these used centers that are ready to be built back up with new lips/barrels. The guys over at WCI said we can powdercoat/polish/chrome the lips. I could get these built and shipped in 1-2 weeks. Retail is $6200 and I'm just asking $3500 for the full set.

Specs are as follows
20x9 ET10 with 3 inch lip
20x10 ET25 with 4 inch lip
Brushed with Matte Clear Centers
Brushed with Matte Clear Center Caps
Hidden Hardware
Flat Lips (able to finish to whatever you want)
5x120 72.6

Not sure all of what that fits but clears the E60 M5 brakes with no problem. WCI also said they can do different size lips/barrels to change the offset. PM me on here if interested.

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