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All I can say is FTW!!! We had dinner there last night and it was spectacular!

I'm not u sually a fan of these "Celebrity Chef, Over-Hyped" Restaurants, but I have to tell you, the Wayfare Tavern is KILLER!!

Sit at the "Chef's bar" if you can, it's fun to watch them cooking in the kitchen.

I had the Caesar, and the Burger, both of which were Top-Notch!!! I eat the burger at every restaurant I go to (when offered) and I have to say, this was amongst the best to date!!!

Ms. JerzyH2 has the Foi Gras to start and the Fried Chicken. Both were amazing as well!!!

For dessert we went with sometype of Butterscotch Pudding with Black Pepper Iced Cream, very good too.

I would have to say though, the burger was the star of the night. Fried Chicken was delicious, and enough to share, but still didn't touch the burger!

If you can get a reso, I say try the place!! You won't be disappointed!

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i had a 60 page document to ponder over so this post inspired me to walk the 7 blocks to eat here yesterday.

burger was very good - not exactly my style - more focused on juiciness than flavor. i'd give up some fat for more taste - but definitely worthwhile.

i'd definitely recommend the burger @ Martin's West (Redwood City) - similar style but slightly tastier.

i was full as fvck when i left - 1 burger, 2 fries, & toffee (bread) pudding. i'm still full a day later.

- chuck
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