Watching This Guy Scrape an Ultra-Rare Mercedes Will Make You Cringe!

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Mercedes-Benz only built 25 CLK GTRs, which means they’re among the rarest and most precious supercars in the world, and one was recently spotted being driven rather carelessly at a California gas station during Monterey Car Week.

It’s painful to watch.

As he’s pulling out of the station, the driver scrapes Merc’s carbon fiber underbody, first between the wheels, then the nose and then the rear diffuser, none of which are cheap or easy to replace.

According to Car Buzz, the CLK GTR is owned by wealthy entrepreneur Ben Chen, who has a history of treating supercars like defunct ’93 Honda Civics. He totaled a McLaren MP4-12C during the Gold Rush Rally and also announced to the world that his $1.6 million Koenigsegg Agera R was “a hunk of shit.”


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