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Effective 03/07/14, these are the rules for posting in the Marketplace: Watches/Watch Related section. Rules will be modified/updated as necessary. All posts after this date must abide by all the rules below.

1) Must have 100 minimum posts.

2) Businesses are NOT allowed to post for sale items, except for Sponsors.

3) Watch must belong to the person posting the for sale ad. Do NOT make posts for "a friend" who is selling a watch.

4) Must post at least ONE photo of the actual watch for sale.

5) Must post an asking price. State if shipping and transaction fees are part of the asking price.

6) Must state current condition of the watch

- BNIB/LNIB 100%
- MINT 97-99%
- NEAR MINT 93-96%
- EXCELLENT 88-92%
- VERY GOOD 83-87%
- GOOD 77-82%
- FAIR 72-76%
- POOR 66-71%

7) Must state if watch comes with boxes, papers, valid warranty, etc.

8) If a watch is sold, contents from the original post must remain intact. Do NOT delete asking price or watch description. Only the photos can be deleted.

9) Do NOT create duplicate posts for the same watch.

10) NO replica or counterfeit watches or parts allowed.

11) NO negative posts about a seller's asking price.

How Violations Will Be Handled:

1) 1st Violation - Warning, post will be deleted
2) 2nd Violation - Temporary Ban, post will be deleted
3) 3rd Violation - Permanent Ban, post will be deleted
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