For nearly as long as there have been 911s there have been rallyists racing them off-road. And now you can, too! (Provided you have gobs of money and a lax attitude towards preservation!)

Leh Keen, a race car driver who has taken the 911 RSR to Le Mans and raced Porsches in a variety of series, took it upon himself to add a few more 911 Safaris to the world.

The cars get the full rally treatment, complete with roll cages, added lights, beefed up and raised suspensions, and chunky off-road tires, among other things. Like, Singer, the mods don’t stop outside either.

Along with the range of classic Porsche colors owners can choose from, and of Porsche’s old school fabric materials (be they houndstooth, plaid, or otherwise) can be selected.

If being rich is mostly a competition to select the best Porsche—which it very much appears to be these days—you can certainly set yourself apart with one of Leh Keen’s 911s.