Considering Porsche’s rich history, it’s not surprising that it has some interesting prototypes hanging around in its warehouses. For its latest video, it’s listing five of the weirdest.

It starts out fairly normally, with the 984, a lightweight sports car focused more on the chassis than the engine. Tipping the scales at less than 2,000 lbs and only making up to 150 hp, the car was only supposed to cost $14,000.

Things get weirder, though, with the number two car: the Cayenne Cabrio. Developed in 2002, this two-door, convertible SUV, with a Targa roll bar is probably best left to the annals of history. It’s hard to tell if its two tails are proof that Porsche really wanted to make this happen, or whether they were saving money because they didn’t have faith in it. Either way, they were kind of ahead of the curb with the convertible SUV thing, which goes to show you that that’s not always a good thing.

These two concepts are followed by the 911 Carrera 3.2 Speedster (a single seat 911), the Panamericana (a special 911 developed specifically for Ferry Porsche’s 80th birthday), and the 918 Spyder rolling chassis.

All are a fascinating look into the Porsche design process and just how much effort it’s willing to put into remixing its cars.