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The time has come to get the wife a new daily.

We have built this car at BMW but I figured I would try to see if we could find a preloved car with the basic options she wanted.

These demands are unchangeable.

Melbourne Red Exterior
Sahkir Interior
Carbon/Piano Trim (Either will work on this one)
M Series

It that exterior/interior in M combo can be found pretty much anything else is something we can buy and change out.

Also, whoever finds this will have first right (if wanted/able) to install the entire Hamann kit (Bumpers, skirts, exhaust, lip (front), hood,) and doing a custom Alcantara interior upgrade ( like the headliner, steering wheel, rear boot cover, etc.)

Looking to buy preloved or order new by mid October. We'll be FULLY relocated to West Palm Beach by then so need to have it on the way, or purchased before leaving that way on Oct. 13th.

Please PM me or call me if you have the perfect fit.

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