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For those that follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@WallacePJW), you would have seen my pictures of the system arriving in it’s box! I have been amazingly patient and SB Race Engineering have booked me in for tomorrow (Friday 9th May), for my exhaust to be fitted! Let’s discuss a little bit about the system, why it’s so special, but more importantly: Why it’s my choice if system.

The Armytrix brand is an exciting one, having watched all their videos, I know their systems are loud and well developed. Not only that, they are full titantium- which is incredibly light. I have even picked up my system with one hand and it is not a problem…It will be interesting to compare to the stock system. Not only is it light, it also is a X-Pipe Cross system, compared to the straight through systems you see on C and I etc, enhances the system and sound even more.

Moving on to the beautiful crafted exhaust remotes. The Armytrix exhaust system comes with Valve control. Meaning the driver has full control over the sound and volume of the car. Usually this includes an On and Off switch. With Armytrix, there is a third mode- which allows the driver to drive in Auto mode. Meaning I can switch it to auto, and at low revs it’s nice and quiet- but If I wanted to floor it and build the revs up, the exhausts would respond to my demands. It’s a very technological system, even though I will mostly be driving in LOUD mode all the time!

Finally, I’ll tell you a little bit about my plans for the coming weeks: This weekend will be a video filled weekend of my new exhausts (EXCITED!). Both myself and Lord Aleem are waiting on the weather forecast before deciding about Sunday. We pray it’s sunny and dry but it isn’t looking that way at the moment. But I aim to bring you some incredible videos of the car, some more funny videos on my journey and adventures, and just keep you all up to date with my car.

Check out the Armytrix exhaust system on the Audi R8 V8 below for you to get an idea of what my car will sound like!

The moment we have all been waiting for. For over 2 weeks I had been talking about the Armytrix F1 system for my R8, and it finally arrived and was available to install by SB Race Engineering. What was I expecting? A louder version of the stock system. I have been in close communication with a fair few R8 owners with aftermarket exhausts, and of course- due to filming in London, I have heard a lot of them too! Tubi, Larini, IPE, Kreisseig etc…They all sound great. Armytrix said Quiet Mode (or valves shut) would sound quite like stock. So I had my hopes that LOUD would be really loud! I have always wanted loud exhausts- but was I expecting Armytrix to create such an animal? I don’t think so.

Being at SB Race Engineering, you see some awesome cars; Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Maserati’s and McLaren’s…and more! And I have heard some loud cars in my time- but hearing my R8 start up was like thunder and hell all rolled into a ball. I filmed the start up and could tell it would be loud. I needed to hear it on the road: Bring on the road test. I filmed as SB Race drove it down the road and I was blown away. The sound was incredible, loud and crackled- but still had an F1 style high pitched noise to it. It was perfect.

THEN SB Race Engineering came back with a huge grin on their face, handed me the keys and said; you need to have a go, it’s just incredible. So I did. …Words cannot be created for what it’s like to be inside the Armytrix R8. I feel like I need to take every single person in the world out to hear this!! I will be making as many videos as possible so you can really understand the power, brutality and sound from the system!!! Armytrix have done an outstanding job. WOW. Watch my latest videos of the car and hopefully you’ll get a better understanding of the sound!

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