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Dear WALD Enthusiast,

Known for their stunning sports cars, Mercedes Benz has been putting out examples of amazing vehicles since 1926. In 2015, they raised the bar when releasing the AMG GTS. Nonetheless, one company's vision still left room for personal refinement and being at the forefront of tuners world wide, WALD took on the task to do so with the tuning program for the Mercedes Benz AMG GT/GTS.


WALD began the journey of transforming the AMG GTS by completely replacing the front and rear bumpers. The Black Bison treatment was given to the front and rear giving the sporty coupe an aggressive new look that the car should have came with from the factory. Our designers also incorporated a front canard set for added downforce and stability. The side skirt set ties the front and rear together with a duck bill style trunk spoiler that is compatible with the factory trunk wing to complete the overall look of the car.

For the driver looking for ways to improve the handling of the AMG GTS, wider front and rear wheels are available for better stability. The wider wheel base plants the car down on the open roads bringing function and fashion together.

WALD Front Bumper pictured on I12-C 21" Wheel Set

WALD Side Skirt Set pictured on I12-C 21" Wheel Set

WALD Rear Bumper and Trunk Spoiler pictured on I12-C 21" Wheel Set

AMG GTS Black Bison Program

Front Bumper
Side Skirt Set
Rear Bumper
Front Canard

Duck Bill Trunk Spoiler

*offered in FRP(standard) and CFRP(special order for CFRP)

WALD I12-C 21" Wheel Set

Front 21x9.5"
Rear 21x10.5"

Optional T22-C Wheels

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