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Black Bison Rolls Royce Dawn
2016 - current

Dear WALD Enthusiast,

Many would say Rolls Royce has been the epitome of what luxury stands for since its founding in Manchester in 1906, but we say there is always room for improvement. After it's 2016 debut, the Dawn has been the benchmark for luxury convertibles and being so, WALD took on the task of transforming this machine with the WALD Black Bison program.


WALD began the journey of transforming the Rolls Royce Dawn by visually enhancing the front and rear bumpers with the Black Bison program with a front bumper and rear apron, giving the luxury convertible an aggressive new look. Our designers then finished off the look of the new bumpers by incorporating LED daytime running lights into the front bumper and a set of polished exhaust tips and third brake lamp to the rear. To complete the transition of the Black Bison bumpers, a new set of side skirts with lower side panels were added to the program.

Black Bison Program

- Front Bumper with LED Daytime Running Lights
- Side Skirts Set with Lower Panels
- Rear Bumper with LED Third Brake Lamp and Exhaust Tips


F 22x9.0" R 22×10.5″


F 22×9.0″ R 22x10.5"​
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