If your ideal vacation involves enticing meals, breathtaking sights and plenty of adventure, then the White Desert Hotel in Antartica (yep, you read that right) is definitely for you.

Travelling to Antartica requires a long plane ride (November to December only) to the Unknown International Airport - and yes, that’s the airport’s official name. Talk about unique! While the hotel is not “new” by any means, it has celebrated its 10-year-anniversary with a major deco renovation.

The White Desert Hotel boasts six “sleeping pods”, which are heated fibreglass domes featuring bamboo headboards, Saarinen chairs, a beautiful ensuite and plenty of fur throws to warm you up when the weather gets particularly frigid.

Meals are served in the dining room, a separate dome which consists of a large round table with three-course meals prepared by an in-house chef with ingredients imported from Cape Town.

The living room has also seen substantial changes in decor, now featuring a desk with a chair and plenty of seating on plush sofas.

The price tag for this once-in-a-lifetime trip for either an 8-night or 11-night stay is $72,000 per person, all inclusive. While it is not a cheap trip by any means, it may be worth it for views like this.

[ Source: Bloomberg ]