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Beautiful cars and beautiful scenery, not sure a car enthusiast can ask for much more. Thomas at Ecentricall always shows us a great time in Europe and this year was no different. Well except maybe we had even hotter cars this time around! Check out the Audi RS6 Avant "wagon" we don't get in the states to the sick red 911 Turbo on Porsche specific sized CV2's for example. From tunnels to mountains and beautiful grassy fields we were taken all over to enjoy the best Switzerland has to offer as we bring you along for the latest installed of the Vossen World Tour.

Cars Featured:

Audi RS5-20" CVT Custom Finish
Audi RS6 Avant- 22" CV4
Audi SQ5- 22" CVT
BMW 3 Series M-Sport- 20" CVT
Mercedes Benz C-Class- 20" CV3 Custom Finish
Mercedes Benz CLA-20" CVT
Porsche Cayman- 21" Vossen Precision Series
Porsche 911 Turbo- 20" CV2

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