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Vossen World Tour: Car Shows Done Right
by Larry Chen

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In the words of Larry Chen...

We’ve been doing it all wrong. Everything and anything I knew about car shows went out the window at the Vossen World Tour meet in Hamamatsu city in Japan. It’s not so much a show as it is a ballet with cars that are slammed to the ground. Let me explain…

I left Dino out to dry, as he had to cover the entire show all by himself. Luckily for me, the airlines let me move my flights around so I could still make it to Japan for some post-TAS Speedhunting.

Guys came from all over Japan just to be a part of this meet. In fact we drove three hours from Tokyo, because this meet was held in a parking lot smack in the middle of Japan’s two largest cities: Tokyo and Osaka.

I was picked up in a brand new IS350 by my new friends at Lexon Exclusive, who are one of the premier dealers for all things car-related, including Vossen Wheels. We rode in style of course.

Another thing that I noticed was that these guys came early and stayed late. The official flyer stated that the meet would end at 3pm. Not a soul left before then. If one car took off, it would just leave a big ugly gap in the perfect formation of pristine cars. No one wanted that. So come 3pm, everyone rolled out one by one, in style. Not before a group photo though. This was Japan after all.

Most of the meets that I go to have incentives for people to come out. Usually it’s in the form of raffle prizes or if it’s a judged car show, giant man-sized trophies. There was none of that going on at the Vossen show. At the end of the day, these guys are enthusiasts and they all made the trek to hang out with friends and check out some cool rides.

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