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The biggest and baddest show in Canada. That is the tagline for Importfest and after this video there is absolutely no disputing this claim. For us its bigger than just a show, we have forged a special relationship with the Importfest crew who are some of the hardest working yet most polite people we know with a true enthusiasm for the car scene. The Toronto show is the first of two shows and we also get to hang out with some industry friends and catch up on good times.

The show? It is something you have to attend, music blazing, beautiful women and of course amazing cars. Importfest 2014 was their most successful show to date and we are already amped up for 2015! See you next week in Vancouver!

Click any photo to visit more from IMPORTFEST!

Rocket Bunny GTR and Jenn Q

Bagged Q50S AWD with GTHAUS/Vossen & Stillen goodies

Alvin's amazing Stillen Supercharged G37 coupe on Vossen VFS2 #HARDPARKED and looking good as always

Our CV line always on display

Vossen/Importfest 2014 has added another great event to the history books

Upcoming Vossen VFS1 displayed on this TT Amuse 370Z aka @MelloYello370Z

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