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Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce my 2013 Infiniti G37 Sport Coupe 6MT.

I am going on 1 year since I purchased my G and here is it's progress.

This is my 2nd G37. In the past I have looked at BMW 335i / Lexus IS350 /GS350 / Nismo 370z / ISF /M3 / 335is. Honestly I personally feel the value of this car you get for the money couldn't be beat. My previous G37 was a lease and with only a few months left on it, and I felt after 5 years and 98,999 miles it was time for a refresh.

February 6th, 2013 I took delivery of a 2013 Blk/Blk G37S Coupe 6MT. Amazing in so many way's, the updates on the G are awesome and i am in love all over again.

The fun doesn't stop there, I had already mounted my Vossen VVS-CV3s 20x10.5 +15s all around the first day along with my Stance coilovers and the Meisterschaft GTHAUSmuffler. Much more will come as the project will continue. So many things this G37 will see that my previous 08 did not. Much more more to come as my build as the fun continues.

Here is my 2008 G37s Coupe 5AT | From 12 miles to 98,999 miles. Lots of fun, absolutely no regrets.

5 years | 98,999 | 3 accidents ( not at fault ) | so many wheels/parts/aero kits/lip/kits/exhausts/intakes/etc..... Lead up to this.

2013 G37s Coupe 6MT | 8 Miles on the clock

Here she is! Let me know what you think.

Taking delivery

The swap

That new car smell reminds how worth it she really is


Taking her home


The first day I immediately had to swap my wheels

Poking to soon?

It's truly a blessing to have this car, I am so grateful to be here.

45 miles on the clock, here my first few mods.

Stance Coilovers installed Day 1

GTHAUS my favorite instrument.

Ready to roll

A few shots with the first few mods

First few mods:

Meisterschaft SUS Muffler
Stance Coilovers
Vossen VVS-CV3s 20x10.5 +15 255/30/20 All around

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The updates continue

Lowered to my liking

Vossen CV3's have been one of my all time favorite designs. They compliment these cars so well.

Window tint was a must

Installed Stillen Gen 3s - Thanks to [email protected]

Cusco Strut Bar - Thanks to [email protected]

Painted lower fog trim bezels for the mean time until my Aero Kit arrives.

Painted my grill full gloss black this time instead of the OEM midnight grill i almost purchased.

New 6000K Lights installed

Me and my friend Bobby with my old IPL Aero kit and his new 19x10 +20 all around VVS-CV3s

More coming soon....


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The sound is brutal. Can't complain lol.

What lies beneath

Mid-Pipes GTHAUS vs. Stock

GTHAUS Y-Pipe Collector came shortly after

few Revs



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2013 Infiniti G37 Sport Coupe 6MT.


Stillen Gen. 3 CAI
GTHAUS Y-Pipe (Coming Soon)
GTHAUS Muffler


Stance GR Coilovers
Cusco Strut Bar
Stillen Sway Bars (Coming Soon)


IPL/Aero Front Bumper (In Transit)
IPL/Aero Side Sills (In Transit)
IPL/Aero Rear Bumper (In Transit)
5K LEDS (Everywhere)
VLED 5000K LED Fogs

Wheels + Tires:

Vossen VVS-CV3s Matte Silver Machined
F: 20x10.5 +15 / R: 20x10.5 +15
Hankook V12s 255/30/20s F&R

GTHAUS/Meisterschaft GTS Mid-Pipe + Muffler

Can't wait to remove the stock Y-Pipe


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Big Thanks to Greg at Sewell Infiniti for the Aero Kit. I am very pleased I went through Sewell this time for my purchase. Greg at Sewell was very helpful expediting all my request and I personally would recommend them over where I purchased my last kit.

Here are a few shots of my Aero Rear and Side sills that I mounted just yesterday. Front bumper is being at the shop being painted as of today to complete my full kit.

Me and Javed with his Lexus GS350 at last nights local meet.

The look I have always loved.

Almost 100% complete where i planned to have my G within 2 months. Few more upgrades left.

Looks pretty cool in person with Aero Rear/Sides and Sport front but Aero front is a must lol.

Low, Wide & Deep Concave


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Washed and Detailed, here is my new setup. Grill and spoiler being taking care of to match and flow with new wheels. IPL front is also going on tomorrow.

F: 20x10.5 + 25 / R: 20x10.5 +25

Matte Graphite

Rear trunk spoiler being wrapped in Matte Graphite to match the wheels.

Flush fit with +25 offsets.

Love this look more vs silver wheels.

Black G on Graphite wheels

Stillen Gen 3's / Stock Y-Pipe / Meisterschaft Mid-Pipe + Muffler Iphone 4 quality, in person it's even better of course.

1st dyno

2nd run


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New updates!

IPL/Aero front end installed.

Wrapped Matte Graphite Grille

Wrapped Matte Graphite Trunk Spoiler

Dirty G

Fresh detail

Love my new grille!!

More to come...


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Here are some Hi-Resolution shots from this past weekend at V2LAB meet in Orlando, FL.

Matte Graphite Vossen VVS-CV5

My +13 fitment.

Last years V2 LAB Event in Orlando

CV5s look so good!

Hard Parked with Michael Nicastro

1st event I brought my 2013 G37 to.


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Just installed Section 1 (GT-HAUS Y-Pipe) Here are a few pics prior to install.Now Section 1/2/3 are in.

Stamped on every section


Fully TIG welded

Love the full catback so much now.

Installed Meisterschaft GTHAUS Full GTS SUS CBE System.


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Getting ready to head to Orlando for Nurotag 2013

Silver Polished CV5's

On the road

Cruising to Orlando

Classier look

Graphite VVS-CV5s are never missed

Arrival at UCF for Nurotag parked next to Nicastro.


Some shots of the 20x10.5 +13 up front.

VVS-CV5s in Matte Graphite

The clean look

Group photo with a few friends #TEAMVOSSEN

Hanging with the crew



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Just some random I-Phone 5 photos.

Had some last minute adjustments made before I change up the Suspension/Wheels/Performance/Brakes.

Second time I go back to the stock grill. For some reason I like it a lot lol.

+13 front, but i think something a little more aggressive will be coming soon.


Silver Polished


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Recent Photo-Shoot


Silver Polished CV5s

Love this shot

20x10.5 F&R +25 wrapped in Nitto 255/30/20s

My baby :0

Cusco/Stillen Gen3s

Stillen Gen3s

Love the side profile of our G37s

Sexy LED tails

Graphite VVS-CV5s

Redoing my grill soon (Gloss Black)

Low, Wide and Deep Concave

Interior shots

Meisterschaft GTHAUS welds

VVS-CV5s wrapped in Nitto tires

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